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What Is Your Story?

As you browse through her work, you will notice that every piece has its own story behind it. Every character has something to tell. By using expression through bronze sculpting, Robin is able to describe the surroundings, feelings, and values of each story. You can probably relate to having a cherished family pet that has long since passed. Perhaps a dog that your family was blessed to share countless memories with. You can once again bring these memories to life, in permanent remembrance of your beloved animal. Now we pose the question, what is your story? What is the memory or idea that you wish to bring to life?

If you're interested in creating a masterpiece to represent something about your life, Robin can help create your vision. With years of experience and raw passion, Robin has used intricate works of art to describe countless characters and stories just like yours. Any detail of your project can be sculpted to your liking, and the same bronze work that is cherished all over the world will be instilled in your project. It may just be the most extraordinary piece of art you ever purchase.

In the Studio

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Upcoming Project

"In Good Hands"
Projected to be available within the next few months, this sculpture stands about 38" tall. This is the enlarged version of the sculpture, "In Good Hands", that you can now find in my portfolio.

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