“Stylized Pronghorn”
January 8, 2016
January 8, 2016
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“The Swat Team”

$ 63000

Summer in northeastern Colorado is usually hot, but the summer of 1997 was also humid, very humid. Flies must love this weather combination because they arrived in droves, making it miserable for animals and necessary for every rancher to provide some kind of relief for their livestock.

My three burros – Jennifer, Elizabeth and Libby – hate flies, so every other day I would wipe them down with fly repellant. One day, after what is locally referred to as a “gully washer”, I looked out to see my burros standing so close together that a piece of paper wouldn’t fit between them. they’re normally together, but never as close as this.

I continued to watch and noticed that although they were standing side-by-side, they were facing in opposite directions: head-to-tail and tail-to-head. After watching for only a short time it became clear that the rain had washed off the fly repellant and these clever little animals were working together to fend off those nasty pests. no fly in his right mind would brave the gauntlet of switching tails, flapping ears, stomping hooves and flying dirt. It was a team effort and it was working.

The winged, blood-sucking villains had been outwitted by “The Swat Team”.