January 8, 2016
“Stylized Pronghorn”
January 8, 2016
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“The Guardian”

One Spring, I was checking a neighbor’s home and hound that two raccoons had entered the home through a cat door. Since I was in charge of the house while they were away, I knew that I needed to somehow get the coons out. I went around tot he front door, opened it, grabbing a broom went to the backdoor and started to “swoosh” the coons toward the open door. To my dismay, coons don’t swoosh” well at all. In fact, they attacked! My home was about 1/4 of a mile away and my dog Stomper was in my fenced yard. gold retrievers are wonderful friends and the ones I have known have not been aggressive. In fact, they have been very passive, and Stomper was no exception. Until he heard me screaming as I was trying to defend myself with the broom. It was only a minute before Stomper came charging through the open door, grabbed one coon bey the back of the neck, and, in an instant the coon was dead. the other coon realized what had happened and lunged toward Stomper. I knew my friend was going to be torn to shreds. Instead Stomper caught the lunging coon by the throat, and that coon was also dead. The scupture “The Guardian” is a tribute to Stomper. I made him larger than life. because, to me, he always will be.