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December 29, 2015
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December 29, 2015
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“Brahma Mama”

$ 3000

In the late spring of 1995, I was helping Perry and Clara Fugate check their cattle. We found one that seemed to have a badly injured, possibly broken, hip. Perry took her to a special pen and while he was making sure that her feed and her water were just right, she charged. Although Perry was running as fast as he could, she was gaining with every step. She was just about to catch him when he dove through the fence leaving her pawing and snorting inside the pen, with no indication that there was anything at all wrong with her hip. Her defiance was incredible, and her independent nature was unbelievable. In all the excitement I couldn’t remember what position her ears were in when she was charging. I asked Perry if he remembered and he told me that he wasn’t looking at her ears. I asked him if she would charge again if he got back in her pen. He told me that, yes, she would and no he wouldn’t. I had to try to capture her attitude, so Perry gave me permission to use her as a model, but only if I promised not to get in the pen with her. As I worked, it was clear that her attitude and nature would remain unchanged. I have grown up thinking that a Brahma bull was the epitome of independence and defiance but after this experience, I think the bulls have relinquished their position to the “Brahma Mamas”.