“Fly By”
January 6, 2016
January 7, 2016
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“Fowl Play”

$ 3100

One warm spring day while I was washing windows I noticed that my three burros were huddled together as though they were in deep conversation. A short distance away a group of my chickens were gathered scratching the ground and clucking with excitement that accompanies the discovery of a worm or two. As I watched one of the burros charge towards the chickens who were still intent on their excavation efforts and did not see the speeding burro until it was too late. Before my eyes there was a giant chicken explosion. Chickens were going everywhere – up – down and sideways. The charging burro pranced back to her comrades with all the arrogance of a conquering Roman Legion. For the next 20 minutes the three burros took turns charging the chicken flock. It must have been great fun because each one would bray and kick her heels in the air with joy. I’m not sure the chickens enjoyed the game, but they were good sports and kept grouping together so the burros could charge through creating a kind of “chicken fireworks”.