December 29, 2015
“Dee Dee”
January 6, 2016
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“Dee Dee & Libby”

$ 39000

Burros have always had a special place in my heart and I simply can’t resist a baby. A friend of mine knows this, so when her jenny “Dee Dee” gave birth on July 4, 1996 she called me. I packed my sculpting equipment and headed for Cheyenne, Wyoming two days later. When the sculpture was complete my friend loved it and added number one to her collection. I fell in love with the baby “Libby” and when she was old enough, added her to my collection. Since then, Libby has become a great friend. She made her public debut at Trinity Lutheran School on April 7, 1997. At first, she did not like the outside world. There were cracks in the pavement that had to be avoided at all costs. There were lots of little people – all of them with hands wanting to touch her. It was very scary, but Libby held her composure and soon discovered that little hands can also provide “sweet feed” – her favorite food. I look foward to many more trips with Libby and hope to capture, in bronze, the events of her life.